lendor: a cross between “vendor” and “lend”

About us

Lendor is a marketplace platform with an extensive library of things that consumers can rent from partner businesses and share with trusted peers for short term use.

By enabling item owners to share their library of things with others, Lendor encourages collaborative consumption, less wastage, and allows purchases to go the extra mile.

Lendor takes care of all inventory, order and communication management, while protecting all beloved items so all users can share with a peace of mind.

The team

Wei Zhang’s convinced that time was moving slower in his teens

Pauline always finishes her food

Isabelle’s favourite food depends on her mood

Liwen’s brain has insufficient RAM

Jane always tilts her head when she takes photo

Royce is always ready for mahjong

Bang Vu eats and breathes technology

Minh Hai is a self-professed bookworm